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1.Starting Time

Usually, it's best to begin your lessons about two months before your wedding date to ensure the best results. Due to the high demand during peak wedding seasons, please book your time slot as early as possible.

2. Song Selection

Many couples opt for romantic classics like the waltz, while some prefer high-energy pop songs to electrify the crowd. We can help you choose music that suits your style best.

Advantages of Waltz: Classic, appeals to all ages, creates a beautiful and elegant atmosphere, ideal for photos.

Advantages of Pop Songs: Sets the mood, elevates the energy, and gets the crowd going.

Typically, wedding dance routines last about 3 minutes. You can choose one song or a combination of two. We can assist you in editing the music (or discuss your preferences with us).

3. Attire

Many couples choose to dance in their wedding attire, including the wedding gown. Some brides may opt for a more practical dress specifically for the first dance. It depends on personal preference, but it's advisable to avoid long trailing dresses. When practicing during lessons, wear comfortable clothing and sports shoes.

4. Lesson Schedule

We will have a total of 3 lessons, each lasting 90 minutes.

First Lesson: Basic steps and dance instruction (we'll record a video for practice).

Second Lesson: Dance instruction (we'll record a video for practice).

Third Lesson: Polish dance moves, dress rehearsal. Please wear the attire you'll be wearing on the actual day, including suits, wedding gowns, and high heels. We'll record a video for reference by the wedding photographer before the end of the lesson.

5. After your wedding, remember to share your wedding dance video and beautiful photos with us. Dantitude would love to witness your beautiful moments.










3. 服装

很多新人会选择穿着婚纱跳舞,也有些新娘会单独为first dance选择一个行动更加方便的裙子,具体要根据个人而定,但是尽量避免拖尾长裙。上课练习的时候,穿舒适的衣服,运动鞋就可以了。

4 .课程安排


第一次:基本步法,舞蹈教学 (会录视频供练习)


第三次:polish dance moves,dress rehearsal ,需要穿好当天的西装,婚纱礼服高跟鞋(下课前会录视频供婚礼当天摄影师参考)

5. 婚礼结束后,记得把你们婚礼舞的视频+美照发给我们哦,你的美丽瞬间,Dantitude都想见证。

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