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Here We Dance With Attitude

About Us

Located in Toronto, Canada, established in 2014, Dantitude is a professional art training school specializing in popular dance, modeling, and hosting training as its main programs. After years of teaching practice, Dantitude has become a highly popular and well-known art school in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), attracting students of all age groups.

We update the hottest dance covers from around the world every week and offer customized choreography by mentors, including styles such as Urban, Kpop, Hip-hop, Jazz, and more. Additionally, we organize large-scale showcase performances every year, providing all students with the opportunity to perform on stage. We maintain long-term partnerships with renowned South Korean talent agencies such as YG, JYP, SM, Big Hit, offering a global stage for numerous dream-driven students. Regardless of your age, Dantitude welcomes you to join us in pursuing your artistic dreams.


Dantitude位于加拿大多伦多,成立于2014年,是一所专业艺术培训学校,主要专注于流行舞、模特形体和主持培训。经过多年的教学实践,Dantitude已经成为GTA地区备受欢迎和广为人知的艺术学校,吸引了各个年龄段的学生。我们每周更新世界范围内最热门的舞蹈COVER,并提供导师定制编舞,涵盖Urban、Kpop、Hiphop、Jazz等多种风格。此外,我们每年举办大规模的汇报演出,为所有学员提供登台表演的机会。与韩国的知名经纪公司YG、JYP、SM、Big Hit等合作,为众多充满梦想的学生提供国际舞台的机会。无论你的年龄如何,Dantitude都欢迎你加入我们,追求艺术梦想。


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